Should You Self Drive On Your Marriage Day?

Marriage cars, especially the luxury or vintage models that are usually chosen, come with chauffeur service. This is one of the perks of a ride that you choose for yourself and your partner for the special day in your lives. However, the rates have been going up on chauffeured vehicles and it might cringe on one’s budget. The solution could be to opt for a self-drive model. Charters with self-drive facility

Not all rental services package in the chauffeur service and cost and make it all inclusive. With people seeking competitive rates and offers, some vintage car hire services also allow the option for customers to customize the deals. Hence, from the kind of décor you want amenities inside the ride as well as chauffeur service, many services make it totally optional for the customers. If you are interested about wedding car hire you can visit this website

As a result, one can add and subtract different features of a vintage or luxury car rental as per their preference and budget.Benefits of self-driven wedding cars While chauffeurs offer convenience, there is a special significance when a bride’s father drives the vehicle himself and takes her to the wedding venue. It is definitely a more intimate experience for a couple to get into the front seat and drive off with a wedding ride instead of having to be chauffeured. It also makes the choice an economical one. Customers can opt for the flexibility of hiring the ride overnight or using it for their weekend or honeymoon getaway. Many often club such offers along with bus charter Brisbane service that can help accommodate guests and their transfer requirements.How to find such options?

Even if not many luxury car rental operators make it possible to hire a luxury or vintage car without a chauffeur, you could research and find one such operator who would deliver to your area. It also remains to be seen whether the groom or the bride are familiar with the driving mechanism of the car they choose. Many charter services provide a solution of offering test ride slots. Couples can visit their showrooms and choose a ride, understand how to drive it and make a choice for a self-driven ride only if they feel confident of the same. It is also necessary to keep in mind that there would be insurance obligations that need to be kept in mind and agreed upon for the safety of the vehicle during the rental period. It would be wise to opt for a comprehensive insurance cover on your rental car to ensure that your ride will be covered for any unforeseen accidents, damages or thefts if it occurs.