Tree Lopping

Greenery my friends is the blessing of Lord, nature and natural look both are important for the wellbeing of the society, one who beliefs in greenery actually believes in prosperity, healthy environment and natural habitats. Cutting trees is neither desirable nor advisable as it slows down so many natural processes, which one cannot even imagine; certainly the droplets of water from the sky (rain) are also dependent on greenery of the land. Surprised? But this is true, many researches has proven this fact that green countries are usually more prone to rain; which creates a natural healthy environment and kills everything negative (and negative here means anything negative from diseases to negative thinking).

Surprisingly there is a process called ‘tree lopping Chatswood’ which must not be misconceived as ‘cutting of trees’ but overall it is a part of ‘tree cutting’ in layman language lopping is the cutting process of tree branches or lateral branches which are not huge enough to participate in overall growth of the tree. Conveniently it reduces the size of the tree and that is the reason it is done but, unknowingly it is promoting the tree cutting culture and reducing not only the size of the tree but also wasting the green blessing.

Without using technical jargons let’s understand the phenomena completely, no idea if we know this fact or not that, leafs are actually food factories of a tree, cutting them, shedding them or removing them starve a tree badly and this is no new fact that starving is no means beneficial for anybody, as a result a tree becomes weaker, strained and stressed which makes it more volatile to attract insects and disease infestations. Massive, messy pruning wounds welcoming the sapwood and heartwood to get attacked by the pests and disease (called ‘epicormic’ shoots and are weakly attached).

Sensibly, the desired location to make a tree removal in Chatswood and pruning cut is just beyond the branch neck at the point of attachment. Because bad cuts along the limb between lateral branches generate stubs that a weak tree cannot close itself. Moreover, when the leafs are removed from the crown of the tree (those leafs are upside high and a very good source of sunlight) which transfers the sunlight directly to the trunk and roots. The result may be sunburn of the tissues beneath the bark, which can lead to incidence of disease, bark splitting and death of some branches.

There is another misconception that if we won’t trim the leafs branches won’t grow properly or in a quick way. The reality is exactly opposite; nature has made things in a way through which things can manage itself without human intervention in it, although care like watering plants and trees are still necessary but not beyond boundaries, trees are living things but cannot be treated exactly like humans (if a person won’t trim hair’s death ends it won’t grow) that’s not the case here, Infected leafs and branches are required to be eliminated from the tree, but not all the branches as a practice.